eine Sequenz

I was confused.
I was afraid.
I was euphoric.
I was eased.
I was excited.
I was proud.

All feelings in the same moment, when i woke up.

According to Sigmund Freud, every dream has a meaning. In addition to our consciousness there are caught unmet childhood needs, repressed inner conflicts and other thoughts of our subconscious. We analyze our dreams, we liberate our own thoughts. We liberate our feelings and encounter our selves. If we remember our dreams, they appear in to be a mess. To analyze a dream, one must separate the confused thoughts and interpret them one by one. To the isolated thoughts we search new associations, which in turn connect with each other and form a logical sensible structure. This collection displays the analysis of a dream I had, when I was in preparations of this work.
It is based on a sequence and has been unconsciously fantasised. Different thoughts connected with feelings, which had been caught in me, I liberated, isolated, transferred onto the body and consciously put together.